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Your feet and ankles bear the weight of your world every day, providing support and mobility. It's easy to take these crucial parts of your body for granted until pain or discomfort strikes. This is where podiatrists, licensed medical professionals specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle issues, come to the rescue.
At Mid Penn Foot & Ankle Specialists, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal foot health. Continue reading or call us to learn more about our comprehensive foot care, ankle pain treatment, and foot pain treatment in Gettysburg, PA.

Understanding Foot Health

Feet are a complex network of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and their well-being is essential for overall mobility and quality of life. Regular foot care is vital for preventing and addressing a myriad of issues that can arise due to injury, deformities, or medical conditions.

Our Foot Care Services

Our podiatry practice offers a range of foot care services designed to keep your feet in top condition. Routine check-ups and preventive measures can help identify potential problems before they escalate. Our expert podiatrists in Gettysburg perform thorough examinations, addressing concerns such as:

  • Nail Care: Proper nail trimming and nail care are crucial to prevent ingrown toenails, infections, and discomfort. Your podiatrist at Mid Penn offers gentle and effective nail care, ensuring your toes stay healthy and pain-free.
  • Skin Conditions: Our team is well-equipped to diagnose and treat various skin conditions affecting the feet, from corns and calluses to fungal infections. We provide personalized treatment plans to address these issues and restore the health of your skin.
  • Orthotics and Footwear Advice: Custom orthotic devices can provide support, correct gait issues, and alleviate foot pain. Our podiatrists can assess your foot structure and recommend appropriate orthotics. Additionally, we offer guidance on selecting footwear that promotes foot health and comfort.

Our Foot Pain Treatment Services

Foot pain can stem from various causes such as injuries, overuse, arthritis, or nerve issues. Our foot pain treatment employs state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and evidence-based treatments to address foot pain effectively.
Conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs can cause debilitating heel pain. Our foot doctor in Gettysburg develops personalized treatment plans, incorporating physical therapy, stretching exercises, and advanced interventions to relieve heel pain.
Whether it's due to overuse or structural issues, pain in the arches or balls of the feet can significantly impact mobility. Your foot doctor will provide targeted therapies, including orthotics and stretching exercises, to alleviate discomfort and improve overall foot function.

Our Ankle Pain Treatment Services

Ankles play a pivotal role in maintaining balance and stability. Ankle pain can result from sprains, fractures, or underlying conditions. Our podiatrists in Gettysburg are well-versed in comprehensive ankle pain treatment, offering:

  • Sprain and Fracture Management: Prompt and accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective ankle pain treatment. Our podiatrists utilize advanced imaging techniques to assess the extent of injuries, and our treatment plans may include physical therapy, bracing, or in severe cases, surgical intervention.
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain: Arthritis can affect ankle joints, leading to pain and limited mobility. Our podiatrists develop personalized management plans, combining medical interventions, lifestyle modifications, and supportive therapies to enhance joint function and reduce pain. 
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What Our Happy Patiens Say

Susan Knippenberg

Dr. Zeno helped me to walk again without pain after years. He was very polite and experienced. I had really bad pain in my right foot that was giving me a hard time while walking. The treatment he recommended and I chose to go with cured my pains. Thank you, Dr. Zeno and Mid Penn Foot & Ankle Specialists.

Rachel Edwards

I came across this clinic when I was searching for a podiatrist in my area. The person who scheduled my appointment with the doctor was polite and was able to locate a time that best fit my schedule. The doctor was knowledgeable and was very helpful and understanding my concerns. He was able to locate the root cause of the pain I was having. Since the treatment, I feel much better. Thank you for taking care of me. Will use the clinic for sure If I need a foot doctor.

Donna Williams

I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Zeno. I was a little bit nervous because I hadn't been to a Podiatrist in a long time. I had a big/ugly wart growing under my foot. The provider seemed to care about my issue. He removed it and wants to see me again to monitor the growth of my issue. And even stated to help it not keep reoccurring in the future. Thank you again. I was very pleased with the staff too. I will use this podiatric clinic If I need a foot doctor in the future.

Albert Leal

Dr. Zeno is a very good Dr. He is gentle, kind, and professional! He took time to answer all my questions. The clinic staff were friendly and helpful. Would 100% recommend this foot care & treatment clinic to anyone looking to see a foot doctor.

Eddie Lummus

He was a skilled and honest doctor. He treated the patient with sincerity and gave a detailed explanation of the pain. He was very patient with me and listened to all my concerns to find out what was best for me. The treatment he recommended helped my pain and now I can walk and run without pain. I recommend Dr. Zeno and Mid Penn Foot & Ankle Specialists to anyone in the York area. Thanks again for being patient and kind during my visit and treatment sessions.

Jessica Harris

Dr. Zeno was great! As soon as I walked in he made me feel comfortable with some friendly conversation while I filled out my paperwork. He was patient but direct with his questioning about my injury, and most importantly, explained exactly what was wrong and why. Doctors don't always get into the why, so I appreciated that he did so I could understand my injury and future prevention. He was also very clear about what I needed to do as far as recovery and helped me plan out the right steps to take, which helped me feel reassured immediately. I would recommend Mid Penn Foot & Ankle Specialists to anyone!

Rebecca Lewis

I have finally found a good foot doctor! The office was nice and clean, the nurse was kind and helpful in getting me ready. I didn't have to wait to be called to a room and nor for the doctor to come in. Dr. Zeno was awesome! He explained everything to me and I felt confident about what was going on with my toe, the treatment, and when it will heal. I will refer other people to him:):) Thank you guys so much!

Tony Rosas

Dr. Zeno was very knowledgeable and helpful, I had to visit while I was here for work. I would fly back out to him if I ever had foot problems. He is so kind and great at his work. Affordable as well if you don't have insurance. I would recommend this foot care & treatment clinic to anyone! Keep up the good work Mid Penn Foot & Ankle Specialists. 

John Cunningham

I came in for an ingrown toenail and Dr. Zeno did an amazing job. I have had this procedure done in the past but Dr.Zeno is hands down the best! And the clinic doesn’t overcharge while giving you a detailed overview of what you are paying for. Look no further this is the clinic you have been looking for! I would use this podiatry clinic if I need foot treatment. I will keep their contact information to use in the future if I need a foot doctor again.

Jessica Browers

Dr. Zeno is a doctor who, through his combination of personability and professional approach, is easy to trust. I leave my visits confident that Dr. Zeno is on top of my issues and has a well-thought-out plan of action. However, what is most satisfying to me is knowing that he is very straightforward and assures that you know the entire picture.